Eating Well on a Budget

So what does eating "well" mean? To most it means a steak and lobster dinner, but in reality it means eating in a "good or satisfactory way". As we all know eating well or healthy can be difficult with minimal funds. Now of course there are certain limitations with what you can buy depending on the price range, but YOU DO NOT HAVE TO STARVE OR SACRIFICE NUTRIENTS. I have heard numerous stories on how people have failed their nutrition goals to meet financial goals. What if I told you you were able to reach both? Recently I quit my job to pursue my purpose, and have found myself in a financial bind. Pursuing a passion means you probably have to give up certain parts of your lifestyle to achieve your dreams. I have had hard time copping with that, and started brainstorming on how to continue to eat how I like and save money. As humans we think that we cannot enjoy life as much with lack of funds, but I have had a blast ballin on a budget the past few months. As a wellness consultant it is my job to do the work and research to help others, but what is better research than firsthand experience. During this funny money process I have come up with creative ways to one, cook with fewer ingredients to save coins, and also not compromise my nutrition goals. Whether you are a college student with lack of funds, saving for a house or just down on your luck, these five tips can help you financially.

1. Know Your Goals- Do you have financial goals? Do you have nutrition goals? Most people have one or both, and you need to outline your goals so you know going in what you need. If you can only afford $20-$30 worth of groceries a week be realistic and do that. I have saved so many dollars by cooking everyday, and also saved on the pounds!!!!!!!!

2. Plan Ahead- Sales are your best friend. When shopping you should always look for the best bargain. Stop throwing your ads and coupons away you get in the mail. Also, check online at the grocery store websites to see what each store has to offer. Make a grocery list based off of your goals and sales and make a trip!

3. Limit Going Out to Eat- I found that going out to eat was definitely not beneficial. The foods that are supposed to be healthier options are also the more expensive options. Also, spending $10-$20 per meal could go toward groceries for five meals.

4. Accountability Partner- Accountability is key. I have made a promise to myself not to spend any money on going out to eat this month and told all my friends about it. I even got a fellow budgeter to join me. When you have people supporting your goals, it helps with actually reaching them.

5. Look Up Recipes- If you are not a cook and need help with learning to cook with different ingredients, the internet is your best friend. There are so many recipes out there for you to find and create. I actually will be putting out a full Eating on a Budget Recipe Book soon, but for now go sign up on the emailing list and receive a free 1-week grocery list for meals under $25.

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