Let Your Light Shine

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

"In the same way, let your light shine before people, so that they may see the good things you do and praise your Father in Heaven." - Matthew 5:16

Did you grow up singing "This Little Light of Mine" in Sunday school? I did and it was definitely my jam, but I had no idea what it meant. The original songwriter wrote it based off of Matthew 5:14-16, but how does it pertain to us? What if I told you that you were not created for yourself? You were actually created to help other people. Wow, shocker I know! It has taken me years to figure out that my gifts and personality were not given to me for me, but for others. It is actually selfish when we don't share ourselves with others. We were put here to be a light in this world of darkness. No matter what or who you believe in, as a human it is your job to be humane. Now don't spread yourself too thin, sometimes we forget self-care is important for you to help other people. Now this is where my testimony of serving comes in.

I love to read, and one of my favorite books is the bible. Not because I am a Christian, but because there are so many stories of broken people finding and living their purpose without being perfect. Most of the stories I learned when I was younger were those of service such as Jesus washing feet, the Apostles traveling to preach the gospel, etc. I became fascinated with helping others be better versions of themselves early on, but I went about it the wrong way. First off I was very direct and opinionated to say the least, and always thought people needed my input. They didn't! Don't get me wrong I give good advice, but it is all about delivery lol. Secondly, I was so into helping other people be great, I forgot about me. With this model I quickly allowed my light to dim and found myself in a state of depression. I stopped living a healthful lifestyle, I stopped reading the bible, and I stopped using my gifts of service to help others. Speaking has always been a gift of mine, and I have always used it to network, meet people and connect others. The years I battled depression took me away from speaking, I wasn't living in my purpose. This made me fall deeper into the darkness and fully lose myself. One random day in late 2017 I realized that that wasn't the life for me and in order for me to help others, I have to first help myself. I spent all of 2018 trying to get back on track with my overall health and wellness. It was super difficult, but I bounced back and started So Fully You to help others who have or are going through what I did. No I did not become perfect, or ever will be, but I do know that in order for me to let my light shine I have to continue to work to be the best version of myself.

So how can I help you let your light shine?

1. Look through my Services page on the website. I offer a variety of programs such as health classes, wellness consultations and meal planning. Below is the link to my list of services.https://www.sofullyyou.com/services

2. Listen to my podcast. If you want some real life spiritual guidance, check out the In Real Life podcast i do with my friend Cecily. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/in-real-life-with-cece-nazia/id1450975387?mt=2&i=1000428819294&fbclid=IwAR0ieGj497sfoM-eFceuxSsOtPFH_UTkZInBDbMeuyCGyHcMRBVYvTGixA4

3. Follow @sofullyou on Facebook and Instagram for daily inspiration.

Just for reference, check this link out on the history of "This Little Light of Mine."


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