Spring Cleaning Your Life (5 Ways to Start a New and Get it Together)

So spring time is here and that means it is time for some spring cleaning. When I reminisce on spring cleaning I nostalgically think of waking up early on a sunny Saturday morning. My mom washing dishes, my dad doing yard work, and the vacuum awaiting my use. I thoroughly enjoyed this time of year around the house, even though my parents kept the house clean 24/7 before child #3 came, but it was just a time to declutter unnecessary junk. Now as an adult, I have carried on the tradition and every first Saturday of spring I declutter. This year as spring fell upon us, I got so excited I started cleaning a few days early. I have gotten rid of tons of clothes, thrown away a bunch of junk and put out some fantastic smelling new candles. Side bar, I have weird relationship with spending money on candles. My mom refers to it as an addiction, I just call it love.

Any who, as I am wrapping up my spring cleaning a few days early I couldn't help but to think that there is more I need to do. I literally only have dusting left, but I felt incomplete. As I pondered this thought I said "self wants wrong". Self said back, "girl your finances, your mental health, and your business." Nazia then gasped and realized I was right. Now don't get me wrong, I have a lot of great things going on for me, but everything could be better, especially these coins. I realized instead of just cleaning my apartment I needed to declutter my life. Like my parents who kept the house clean most of the time and did a deeper spring cleaning, I find myself doing the same with myself. I normally practice what I preach about eating healthier, cleaning your area, and keeping your mind right, but sometimes we need to dig deeper and get out the junk that has rotted in those corners we haven't been able to get to. So I have taken a step back to find ways to complete my spring cleaning, and thats how I came up with these steps. Most of this is common sense and we hear it all the time, but we all need reminders right?

Step 1: Clean Your Space. In a previous post I spoke about the importance of cleaning your space for reaching your goals. This is also important for everyday life. Your room, bathroom, kitchen, car, office etc. needs to be decluttered. A clear space makes way for a clear mind. Also, no one likes nasty people!

Step 2: Clean Your Body. Research has shown that gut health also correlates to overall wellness. Of course eating your veggies and drinking the correct amount of water are natural detoxifiers, but sometimes we need to do a deep detox. I am a total fan of cleanses. Whether its epsom salt, clay or juice take a day to stay at home by the toilet to get all the bad things out. I will not go too much into cleansing on this post, just know there is a right and wrong way to do everything. I will post about cleansing in the future to take a further look into it.

Step 3: Clean Your Mind. Decluttering your mind literally is most of your battle in life. When I find myself back in a depressive state I immediately pray. Giving my burdens to the Lord, and meditating have helped tremendously with my mental health. Also, reading a good book, being outdoors and alone time are essential. Take a day to recharge your brain and do these things, I promise it will help.

Step 4: Clean Your Surroundings. What you surround yourself with is what you become. We are kicking out all negative energy in 2019 and that means anything or anyone that is not beneficial to you. Jobs, people, crap food, social media, can all negatively impact our lives. Stop and think about what and who is around you that you need to uproot and clean out.

Step 5: Clean Your Attitude. Oh who you? Yes sometimes you can even be the problem. Take a deep breath, open your eyes and look in the mirror and check yourself. Are you being positive or negative? Are you being fearful or courageous? Are you being a leader or a follower? I know I was born to be a positive courageous leader, and I will not be my own worst enemy anymore. Its time for you to stop holding yourself back. I know if you are reading this you already have what it takes to take that first step to be better, so get to it!

So yea thats all I have for you folks on this topic. See you back here next time!

P. S. I hope y'all read the title how I said it lol.

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